About this project

The Faith Issues Task Force is a subcommittee of the Domestic Violence Coordinated Community Response (DV-CCR) subgroup of the Dane County Commission on Sensitive Crimes. The DV-CCR is a group of people from many segments of Dane County who look at ways to improve efforts both to prevent and to respond to incidents of domestic violence. It includes representatives of law enforcement, the district attorney’s office, the courts, service agencies, treatment providers and interested citizens.

In 2013, the DV-CCR sought to bring more members of faith communities into the efforts to prevent and respond to incidents of domestic violence. It created a faith issues subcommittee.

Our task is to look at things faith groups could do in their own settings and with the wider community to make this a safer place for all. We pay particular attention to the ways faith settings can be made safer places for victims of domestic violence. We would look at the spiritual and theological resources we have to see how they could play a role in this effort.

The coordinator of the Faith Issues Task Force is Elsa Gumm, a staff member at The Church at Christ Memorial. You can reach her at egumm@livelifetogether.com.

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