Local faith communities working together

100 Sermons on Domestic Violence

Sojourners magazine in January of 2018 asked pastors and parishioners to send in sermons about domestic and sexual violence. By July, they had received 150. They selected 100 for publication on this web site.

Safe at Home:
Jewish Groups Battle DV

Experts on domestic abuse shared numerous stories that illustrated the range of people affected in the Jewish community, from high-powered career women to young immigrant mothers. Here’s the link.

Troubling Texts in The Bible

Sojourners has a series of articles exploring issues about domestic violence and sexual assault in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures. Here are links to each article:
There’s Domestic Violence in the Bible. Let’s Talk About It. By Elaina Ramsey
Speak! What Judges 19 Has to Say About Domestic Violence, By Will Gafney
When the NRA Writes Your Theology, By Carolyn Davis
When There is No Justice in Scripture: The Rape of Tamar, By Allyson McKinney
Domestic Violence: Are the Children Safe? By Luke Powery
Can Ephesians 5 Make Abuse Seem Normal? By Megan McCabe
Are Christians Supposed to Forgive Abusers? By Tara Samples
When God Tells a Woman to Return to Her Abuser, By Katey Zeh
Job Knew What It’s Like to Be Trapped, By Phil Haslanger
Learning to Lament with the Psalms, By Tara Samples
Preaching About Domestic Violence is Hard, But We Must, By Phil Haslanger

When domestic violence came to church

A powerful reflection from Nancy Nason-Clark about the reluctance of church leaders to bring up issues of intimate partner violence.

Madison-area faith leaders speak out

In October 2014, some 40 Christian, Jewish and Muslim faith leaders in the Madison area signed a statement saying that we want our congregations to be safe places for people experiencing abuse and we want to help move the wider community to collective action to protect people facing domestic violence. The statement and signers are here.

Resources from September 2014 conference
on faith & domestic violence

What Victims of Domestic Violence Want Their Faith Leaders to Know – A powerful column by Joanna V. Hunter, whose book But He’ll Change (Hazelden) is a helpful guide for those working in the field of domestic violence.

Responding to Domestic Violence: What the Religious Community Can Do – Ideas from the Faith Trust Institute

Responding to Domestic Violence as Faith Community Leaders – Practical steps assembled by Libby Tucci  of the YWCA Madison.

Safety Planning – Important things to consider, put together by the Dane County Sheriff’s Department.

If you have questions, please contact Elsa Gumm at The Church at Christ Memorial in Fitchburg WI.